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Bitcoin Miners Sales

We offer all Inclusive Miners sales and Energy cost, We combine industry low miners prices with spot index energy power agreement providing the best rates in the industry.

Dynamics realizes that the best and most effective way for consumers to mine Bitcoin is to establish a direct relationship with a facility and its managers so they can physically visit the site and monitor their investment. 

Buy New Miners

All miners sold by Dynamics Mining are brand new and never used. We offer Miners with or without energy included.

Hosting Bitcoin Miners

State of the art mining facility. Custom Rack System, Security and Client access.

Bitcoin Mining Partners

Each of Clients are our partners. We will work together to assure success.

Bitcoin Hosting Services

Having Built and operated more than 5 facility over the last 3 years in Maine, Colorado, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky, Dynamics has mastered the techniques required for hosting both small and large scale clients. Dynamics offers customized rack systems to deliver hosting solutions for customers.

Over the past few years Dynamics has had the opportunity through working with multiple licensed Electricians, Engineers and state inspectors to establish the most efficient way to deliver power for the hosting of Bitcoin Miners.

All facilities managed and developed by Dynamics have all passed State and City Inspections and have been Permitted for the operations of Mining Bitcoin.

Fully Built Rack Systems with Miners

Direct to Facility Private Bitcoin Mining

“Our approach to hosting is to offer consumers the ability to have a transparent mining experience with immediate online hosting”

Dynamics realizes that the best and most effective way for consumers to mine bitcoin is to establish a direct relationship with the hosting company, where they can physically visit and monitor their mining investments.

“…[I]n an industry, with particular volatility to the non-educated, but enthusiastic consumers, their experience can be troubling and put their investment at risk when left in the hands of 3rd parties”

The path to Finanical Freedom through Bitcoin is real and we will guide you through it all.

Our mission is to provide access and information to those unfamiliar or uncertain about Bitcoin. Lets us answers your unknown questions as it is our goal to make the benefits of Bitcoin known.