Dynamics Mining returns to Discuss all issues and to resolve conflicts. 


Dynamics Mining returns to Discuss all issues and to resolve conflicts. 

Statement from Bill Stewart, former CEO of Dynamics LLC 

There’s one thing, for sure, it’s not healthy for anyone to be unavailable when it comes to the maintenance and communication of a  business. When this occurs, certain narratives can be created that allow a story to be told, without total perspective. The only person that can ultimately be responsible is the one that couldn’t provide those levels of communication. 

From the outside, these things may seem malicious and making for excuses, becomes irrelevant, as accountability still lies on my shoulders for not having the fortitude to stand up and take care of my responsibilities as a CEO. There are certain things that I was unable to withstand, to the point where my mental health became more important than trying to figure out damaging business events, such as hacked emails, stolen court filings, malicious server attacks, threats of negative press, extortion attempts, threats of physical violence, and even death threats, required me as CEO to take several steps back as the attacks against my person over business disputes were becoming extreme. 

Without providing any excuses because, ultimately, I do feel responsible for not being able to facilitate or gather all the information that has been requested, especially in regards to responding to those who may feel they are in conflict with Dynamics LLC. 

Below you will find reasons, not excuses, for why I was unable to communicate or respond to court filings against Dynamics LLC. The narrative of my life has always been making the impossible possible, so that even under the most impossible scenarios, I should have had the fortitude to stand strong and fight through all adversity in those moments. 

At the end of the day I make no excuse and do take responsibility for not figuring out a way to properly communicate.

Reasons communication was broken:

Most Court filings and documents were stolen and never properly received/served in a malicious attempt to prevent Dynamics LLC from properly corresponding to court proceedings. 

Three email accounts connected to Bill Stewart were hacked that prevented any kind of email communication directly to Mr. Stewart. To date these emails have been unable to send or receive messages: Bill@dynamicsmining.com and Bill@dynamicsmaine.com

The following websites dynamicsmining.com and dynamicsmaine.com were hacked and are continuously hacked, with protocols installed to create malicious attacks and destroy the entire web server infrastructure of Dynamics LLC.

A stolen cell phone was compromised in one of Dynamics LLC, Maine facilities and was used to continually facilitate harm and destruction to the communication infrastructure of Dynamics LLC. This phone connected to Apple’s iCloud is still able to login, block and delete Client’s contact information, ultimately destroying the ability to reach out or be communicated with by clients.

The contracting of legal service from the David Jian Huang ESQ, to represent Dynamics LLC was one effort fraught with deception as it was later discovered that no license to practice law existed in any jurisdiction of the United States. This individual took it upon themselves to add fuel to a fire, by people who already were blocked and unable to communicate with Dynamics LLC. This individual, in fact, stole clients deposits with the expectation of installing them at our facilities and receiving all their funds into his bank account. He was doing this while also representing himself as an attorney and bringing in new clients and manipulating narratives. Beware as he is currently fueled in an attempt extorted Dynamics LLC, in a scheme that we will not stand for. 

The facts of Dynamics LLC: 

We enter the mining space in the State of Maine. We opened and ran three facilities in partnership with Compass mining. I, like many others in the bitcoin mining space, entered with liquidity from my Colorado businesses, and with great excitement began mining bitcoin, again in partnership with Compass. This failed relationship ultimately lead to Dynamics LLC approximate lose of $1,500,000 of liquidity due to covering electrical bills, mining installations and lease expenses that were abandoned due to the failed relationship with Compass Mining. And then Compass mining was able to get an uncontested default judgment against Dynamics LLC in the amount of $1.2 million. Now that proper legal counsel has been consulted these matters will be responded to in the near future. 

Mr. Stewart then utilize the remaining of his liquidity to open a facility in Madisonville Kentucky. In the consistent effort to bring in new customers – Compass Mining always became a topic of discussion, creating difficulty in new client acquisition due to their terrible reputation, now tainting Dynamics LLC reputation as equally terrible. 

And the contracting of legal services from David Huang became detrimental to the business. His illegal actions in receiving wire transfers to his personal account versus into the company created issues with hosting availability and installation time frames.

Through honest and transparent communication, clients were able to be acquired. However, these were clients came with lots of skepticism and were in a bad position of having no liquidity and looking to get the cheapest and best energy prices. They too were seeking to recoup losses of depreciated mining equipment and hosting investments. Many of them in direct violation of their contracts by sending used, and even broken, equipment for hosting.

In multiple scenarios, Dynamics LLC incentivized new miners with hundreds of thousands of dollars in discounted energy deposits and rates. The problem became when multiple third-party companies motivated by making a fraction of pennies on energy cost and miner sales, begin flooding Dynamics LLC with the new clients. To this day, my biggest regret becomes allowing third-party companies to profit off of the investments of clients and Dynamics LLC as a service provider.

In closing, I will say that there are conflicts that Dynamics has had with clients that liability may actually be on Dynamics LLC and there are conflicts that we feel as though liability wasn’t on Dynamics LLC. So, in an effort to discover arguable liabilities and execute resolutions, I have released this statement in all honesty and integrity.

Please forward the below form to any of your legal counsel or parties who may have had any legal proceedings filed against Dynamics LLC. They were not received or properly served in the correct jurisdictions. Dynamics LLC seeks to rectify, as much as is possible, the situation in these matters. 

You can also reach me directly at bill@dynamics2k.com or